April 21 2019
07:30 PM

Boogie Sundays

04-21Sundays @ 7:30pm

The Groundlings Sunday Company puts forth new sketches every week in this hilarious show. It's a fun cast brimming with new talent from the TOP level of The Groundlings School! Ticket Price: $16

The Black Version

04-22Monday, April 22nd @ 8pm

The audience suggests the title of popular film and a cast of all black comedy actors improvise the black version of it. Simple? Yes. Funny? Hells Yeah!! Ticket Price: $20 *Cast subject to change.

The Crazy Uncle Joe Show

04-24Wednesdays @ 8pm

Come and see one of L.A.'s longest running long-form improvisation shows! Watch as The Groundlings Players begin with three suggestions from the crowd, and then proceed to weave the stories together, traveling back and forth through time, playing different characters in many different situations. AND, they keep it up for an uncanny 40 minutes straight...